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Logistics Company Somerton

When it comes to the logistics of your company, it is important to ensure that even the smallest detail is checked and accounted for. That is why, when they want to work with a professional logistics company, Somerton manufacturers, business managers and producers look to the experts at NDST.

We have been in business for over 16 years, building our company into one of the most trusted and sought-after in the industry.

Our team has the skill and professional insight to provide quality service to clients from a number of industries, and store, package, transport, distribute products including white goods, electrical materials and alcohol. We also carry a HACCP accreditation, allowing us to work with a number of food products.

Unlike some logistics companies ‘near me’ who may only offer basic services, at NDST we provide tailored and versatile solutions to each of our clients, ensuring we can fully accommodate their changing product distribution or storage needs.

The NDST team can put out clients in touch with qualified distribution centres across Melbourne, Victoria and interstate, providing them with the contacts they need to grow and expand their business and allow their products to reach a broader customer base.

To discover more about our range of available services and solutions, and to discover why we are the in-demand logistics company in Somerton, simply call our friendly team on 1300 11 6378.

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